The Winner’s Kiss Blog Tour: Favorite Literary Kiss

Winners Kiss Blog Tour Banner 1 (3)Today I’m sharing my post for the blog tour for The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski (AKA one of my most anticipated books coming out this year).
The concept for the blog tour is, ‘The Winning Kiss’ and it’ll be shining a spotlight on the favorite literary kisses of all the bloggers who participate SO if you’re into that sort of thing, be sure to check out the other tour stops as well.
  • What book is your favorite literary kiss in?
    The Truth Commission by Susan Juby
    I was very close to giving a different answer here but after much deliberation, I have an unlikely answer: The Truth Commission by Susan Juby. This book isn’t a romance per se, but then again, neither is The Winner’s Curse or the rest of the trilogy. One of my favorite quotes from The Winner’s Curse (and one I have on a lot of prints at this point) is “Isn’t that what stories do, make real things fake, and fake things real?” Like Rutkoski’s series this book plays a lot with how truth and fact aren’t necessarily the same depending on who is presenting the information. As Normandy observes during the novel, “When you tell a story, you shape the truth.”
  • Who is kissing?
    Normandy, narrator of the novel which is presented as her creative non-fiction project, and the boy she has a desperate crush on.
  • Why is it your favorite?
    Normandy is pragmatic to a fault and after years of living in her older sister’s shadow she is also used to thinking of herself as unexceptional. Normandy is so sure that everyone sees her the way her sister does, that she spends a lot of the book trying to convince herself that there is no way Neil can be interested in her. As Normandy puts it, “There is nothing to be gained by trying to change reality. I know this. Completely. And yet. And. Yet.” She still pines, she still hopes. Until finally she realizes that not everything is as clearly defined as she thought–both with her family and her crush. While this is just a small part of The Truth Commission it was a really great moment when Normandy let herself imagine the people she cares about seeing her in the best possible light instead of the worst.
If you want to get in on the swoons, share your own favorite literary kiss in the comments and check out the rest of the tour stops!