“I Can’t Remember the Title . . . But It Had a Blue Cover!” Book Display

Instead of doing a seasonal display for December I decided to make a book display that could transition into the new year (I’m hoping to do an award winners display after the Youth Media Awards announcements are official).

After thinking about it, I decided to do a color-based display. There’s an old joke in bookselling and libraries that people will often ask for a book by saying they don’t remember the title but it had a blue cover with a dog on it. (Invariably when you find the title it will be a red book with a cat on the cover but that’s a different story.)

I chose to take that as my starting point for my display before heading off to my trusty PicMonkey to start creating graphics.

I started with an 8 by 10 graphic with my display title.


PicMonkey has a lot of themes which include premade backgrounds that I used as swatches here. Their comic book theme (with the building backdrops) proved especially helpful for this display.

After that I made some book signs with quotes. Goodreads cover view of all of the books I’ve read was very helpful with this. I also wanted to pick books with different genres, protagonists, and a diverse mix of authors which I kept in mind while making my choices.

For this display I chose The Game of Love and Death by Martha Brockenbrough.

IMG_0686I could quote from this entire book because there are so many good parts but this quote is my favorite and I think one that’s really indicative of the book. The comic theme also conveniently includes an image with the Seattle skyline where this book is set so I included that as well for a little pop of color.

Next I made a graphic for The Truth Commission by Susan Juby.

IMG_0687It’s no secret that this book was one of my favorites from 2015. It’s also another highly quotable one that has a great cover so this image basically made itself.

Next I made a graphic for The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness which has a great iconic blue cover.

IMG_0688I rounded out the display with Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten.

IMG_0685I’m especially pleased with the way the branches behind this quote mirror the matches on the book cover.

Obviously the only choice for a background on this sign was blue paper. When I was making the display, the library was short on paper. I had one piece to work with and a stack of program flyers printed on blue paper. I wound up cutting all of the scrap paper into smaller pieces and spreading them out to make a patchwork design which turned out looking really great.

IMG_0684And here’s the display with some books in front of it (blue covered, of course):

IMG_0690To make things even more fun, this display got some author love recently on Twitter from the lovely Melissa Walker:

Have you ever seen (or made?!) a blue book cover display? What’s your favorite book with a blue cover?