Linktastic! Silly Quiz Edition

I save links on Twitter to read at a later date sometimes and I apparently forgot to do that for two months SO I give a monster Linktastic! post to peruse with many personality quizzes:

  • Buzzfeed’s “Which Disney Pet Are You?” Quiz tells me that I am Pascal the Chameleon from Tangled: “You radiate creativity and enjoy doing anything that allows you to use your imagination. Everyone wants to hang out with you because you’re an incredibly supportive and loyal friend. Sometimes you’re a little bit afraid of the unknown, but you’re working on being less skittish about trying new things.”
  • Not a quiz per se but a Bustle article about what your favorite Harry Potter book says about you: Mine is number 3: “You don’t judge a person by rumors you’ve heard, because you know that sometimes learning a bit of backstory will completely change your mind. Though you’ve had your share of tough days and can relate to the feeling that dementors inspire, you’re also incredibly hopeful (and you know that chocolate can help a lot). You also own a time-turner necklace and you REALLY want to visit Hogsmeade.” It’s all true.
  • Which Banned Book Are You? I got Beloved by Toni Morrison which, embarrassingly, I have not read.
  • Which Halloween Town Should You Live in? Halloweentown because OBVIOUSLY.  “When it comes to Halloween, you are drawn to fun festivities over scary ones. You love to carve pumpkins, dress up, and watch Disney Channel Halloween movies while drinking cider. As a person, you are family- and community-oriented. What can you say? You love people. You will be right at home with the Cromwells in Halloweentown.”
  • Write Your Very Own Hit YA Novel With Our John Green Book Generator:

    The Euphoria of Canyons

     Colton is a senior at Susan B. Anthony High School in West Kensington, a few miles outside of Los Angeles. Colton is a great student. His favorite subject is Bio-Chem, but his true passion is yodeling. Rodd the Bodd and Vincent never know what he’s talking about, but the three of them are best friends anyway, and have been ever since Colton moved to West Kensington after his brother went missing. After his long-time girlfriend Violet breaks up with him, Colton becomes infatuated by Flor, the brunette with a tattoo of a dreidel on her neck. But even though she seems like the perfect girl, she’s actually the secret illegitimate daughter of the president. Despite their differences, they fall in love and spend the summer together. But one week before they go off to college, tragedy strikes. Flor is seriously injured while saving a friend’s life, and their relationship may never be the same.

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