Let’s Talk: When do YOU read reviews?

A lot of times I read books well before the publication date because they are ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) or well after because I do what I want. Sometimes even when I am at a launch party for a book, it’s either something I read before the event or something I won’t get to for months (or ever depending on the book–I know, I’m the worst).

Anyway, that wasn’t the case with P. S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han. Nicole and I went to the launch party for this book (I am a superfan of this series) but because BEA started the next day, I didn’t get to reading it until a couple of weeks later.

During that gap between my getting the book and my reading it, I noticed something interesting. I didn’t want to read reviews of it. I knew I would be reading the book in the very near future so when a blog I read posted a review, I would make note and save it for later. I did same the same thing while reading the book.

Once the book was finished and my review was written, I went on a commenting blitz finally reading all of those reviews and generally flailing about John Ambrose McClaren the book.

So my basic question here for readers/bloggers is When do you read reviews? Do you read reviews of books you know you will be reading soon? Do you read reviews before or after you have written your own review of the book?

For me, I’ll read reviews before I read (which is why spoiler warnings matter!) or after. I will read reviews while writing my own review or before or once it’s written. The only deterrent I recently discovered is that I don’t want to read a review of a book while I’m reading it or when I will be starting it in the next few days (unless I’m reluctant to read it and then I’ll read them to pre-game).

So, let’s talk in the comments: When do you read reviews?

9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: When do YOU read reviews?

  1. I generally don’t mind reading reviews of books I’m planning to read early. I just tend to avoid reading reviews when I’m reading the book OR when I need to write my own review for it! I’d rather avoid having other people’s influence my opinion, so I save those reviews to read and comment on later!

    1. Exactly the same. Unless it’s a book that left me really baffled. Then I read other reviews to figure out what I want to say.

  2. If it’s a book that I am interested in and I am not planning to auto-buy, I like to read the review ahead of time. If it’s a book I am dying to read, I sometimes avoid reading reviews until after I read the book due to spoilers or because I want to read the book without any bias prior to reading the novel. Sometimes I just want to read the book with a clean slate and I want to absorb everything that is thrown at me.

    1. That makes sense. Sometimes I like to see the hype and know what to expect but sometimes it’s better to go in knowing as little as possible.

  3. I like to read blurbs on what a book is about to decide if i want to add it to my reading list, but most of the time I try to wait to read reviews until after I have read the book. I find if people hype the book to me, I usually don’t enjoy it.

  4. I’m all over the place. If its a book I know I will read I wait until after. If its something I haven’t heard of or I’m iffy on I’ll read it whenever it is I come across the review. I am way too scared of spoilers to read a review for something I’m excited about before I have the book.

  5. I like to go in blind, so I have a system (similar to yours, I think!) where I make a note if a blogger I enjoy has written a review, and when I am done I try to go back and read it. So I read reviews for books I have already read, books I *might* want to read but am on the fence about (because let’s face it, reviews DO help to decide sometimes!) and books I have NO intention on reading. Because I just like to read stuff, basically ;)

  6. I’ll read a review if it’s a book that hasn’t truly caught my attention yet or that I’ve already read. I tend to avoid them if I know I’m going to be reading and/or reviewing it soon so that their opinion doesn’t sway mine.

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