Week in Review: July 19

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

This week was an annoying combination of way too fast and much too slow. Work was weirdly busy and involved a lot of interviews with teen volunteers (I’m excited to be working with them but it is a big process getting everything rolling!).

Last Friday I went to a book signing with Victoria Schwab, Megan Miranda, Elle Cosimano and Lissa Price at McNally Jackson. Getting to the store was kind of a pain (so many delays!) but I made it and the panel was delightful. Seeing Victoria is always fun as an author I interviewed and sort of know through Twitter. I also finally got to meet Megan Miranda in person after interviewing her on the blog back when her first book came out. I also recently realized I still had my ARC of Fracture so it was fun to get that signed.

On Saturday Nicole and I headed to The Hunger Games Exhibition which was absolutely amazing. I’m planning on writing up a recap but I am still working on how to do it and what to say. But watch for it!

This week I started getting real about BEA books I’m not going to read. I’m planning a sort of giveaway for bloggers but I’m also waiting to be sure I don’t have a swap I signed up for where someone desperately has those books on their wishlist. SO just keep your eyes peeled I guess.

This week all I read was A Curse as Dark as Gold and I am still not done with it. Partly this is my own lack of attention span during this busy, busy week. Partly I think the book is maybe quieter than I’ve been used to lately. I’m liking it but also am at the point where I’d like to be finished now.

If you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my July Reading Tracker.

How was your week?