Week in Review: July 12

missprintweekreviewThis week on the blog you can check out:

This week I pushed Rebel Mechanics for all I was worth (if you like alternate history, historical fantasy, steampunk, romance, or basically anything that is right in the world you should be reading this book when it releases next week). I also interviewed Shanna about the book which was a lot of fun. I almost never buy finished copies of books I receive for review (I know, I know) but I will definitely be picking this one up.

Speaking of books, this week I started to KonMari my to read books and my owned books. I got real with myself and admitted there are a lot of books I am just never going to read. Looking at my owned books to say “Does this spark joy?” also helped in really deciding what books should be on my shelves. (Spoiler: Little Elliot was an obvious and immediate “keep” decision.)

So far my to read list is down to 193 (it had bloated to 206 after BEA, I usually want it to be under 100) and got rid of about 20 books. I’m working up to dragging them all to the Strand to sell and also am selling some on Amazon.

And, I know I sound like a crazy person with all this KonMari stuff. But all of the areas I’ve already tidied are still really neat. Which never happens. I’m really excited even though it’s still a work in progress.

This week I bought myself a Fan BingBing Barbie that I have been wanting for years. (I also got my mom an Insurgent Tris and Four but Tris didn’t get delivered yet.)

And on Friday I got to see Nicole for a signing at McNally Jackson (I’m writing this on Friday so I’ll either recap it next week or I won’t. I’m sure it will be fantastic). Then on Saturday I saw Nicole again so we could check out The Hunger Games exhibit at Discover Times Square.

This week I was in an “I don’t want to read, but I am behind and have to read” mood so I motored through a lot of titles including Red Rising (meh), The Eleventh Plague (fun like The Fifth Wave without the aliens but not really my bag which I expected), Trial by Fire (I realized this was only on my TBR list because others added it and I had no real interest–oops), and The Paper Magician (I suspect this is not the best writing or the best book but I am enjoying it SO MUCH.)

I also think I’m going to sign up for Dandelionn Wine’s Blogger Pen Pals (I started sending postcards via PostCrossing and writing to friends again and I really like that aspect of corresponding even if it doesn’t lead to me getting mail–there is something very liberating in writing to someone without an expectation of a reply). If you are a blogger and want to sign up too, details are here: https://dandelionnwine.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/blogger-pen-pals/

I’ll also be signing up for OTSPSecretSister again (this program is organized by Alyssa at Books Take You Places, Amy at Tripping Over Books and Brittany at The Book Addict’s Guide). If you want more info you can check out the FAQ. I didn’t blog about it much but if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw me using the hashtag. Basically it’s a 6-month-long secret swap. And it was kind of a blast. I met so many new bloggers through it and made a lot of new friends. I was debating on if I could afford signing up again but I decided since I am working on a perpetual book buying ban (for the rest of my life lol) it would work out. Plus with all of the holidays coming up in this round I’m super excited for theme package possibilities. (Again this is more about my loving to send things. The fact that I get something is almost secondary.)

Anyway, this was a super chatty Week in Review but now you know everything.

If you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my July Reading Tracker.

How was your week?