Week in Review: June 14 (with a #BoldlyBookish tour stop recap–sort of!)


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The biggest thing this week was the Boldly Bookish signing at Books of Wonder. I’ve had the signing on my calendar for months (as in I even requested an early shift at work to make it on time) and I was so excited for it to finally be June 8! Before the event I got to talk to Ksenia (lovely publicist type and twitter friend) and Alex (lovely bookseller type and blog/twitter buddy) which was so great. Usually I am at events with Nicole so I was nervous about going alone and having to talk to people but it was nice to see so many people I know. Later during the signing part I also got to say hi to Alexa, Rachel and Estelle though not for as long as I would have liked.

I’m not particularly good yet about recapping events properly but here’s a blurry picture of the author table:


The panel featured Emery Lord, Tiffany Schmidt, Trish Doller (in her first NYC signing!) and A. C. Gaughen. It was great hearing them all talk about their books and answer some smart questions from the audience and from Gaby who moderated.

This was also one of those fun events where I had something for every author to sign so I got to talk with everyone. (It was also an event where I had books for the delightful Kayla who for some reason thought flying 3000 miles was too far for a book event.)

Because one of the authors had a full trilogy published, that led to me having a lot of books to get signed:


I’m reading the Scarlet series right now. (I had a really hard time with Lady Thief for spoilery reasons but I’m excited for Lionheart.) It was fun to talk with A. C. Gaughen about how much I love Robin Hood and how I’m excited to be starting the series (I’m glad I hadn’t gotten to the gut wrenching parts of Lady Thief before meeting her!) and I even told her about the giant cross-stitch Robin Hood sampler that I made.

After that I talked with Trish Doller about The Devil You Know while she signed it. I’m giving that one away for my blog’s 8th birthday this summer. She liked my blog name and was impressed at how long I have been blogging. I also told her how much I loved that The Devil You Know is so subversive in terms of thriller tropes and how it’s such a great feminist read. It’s hard to explain but it was nice sort of “clicking” with an author and realizing you were picking up on everything they intended while reading if that makes sense.

Then I got to see Tiffany Schmidt who was signing Hold Me Like a Breath. I read this book as an ARC and enjoyed it so much that I reached out to Tiffany for an interview. She is absolutely delightful in person. It was nice to meet her after interviewing her and having that connection (which totally rated a hug). And can we talk about how excited I am about Break Me Like a Promise? I honestly get more excited every time I hear Tiffany talking about the series.

Finally I got to say hi to Emery Lord while she signed The Start of Me and You. I also interviewed Emery so it was really nice meeting her too of course! I don’t know why it’s surprising since I do know other authors who feel similarly, but it was also quite nice to hear she had a good time answering my interview questions. I loved, loved, loved this book so I’m also super excited to have a signed copy now.

After that I said hi to a few people (see above) and chatted with a former coworker (I used to work at Books of Wonder in what I refer to as “the dark time”) before heading out.

The books were all quite heavy but it was SUCH a fun event that it was totally worth it. I’m so happy I was able to make it.

On the way home I saw this beautiful street art:


And after that I came home to a great book package from a giveaway I won on Andi’s blog:


I’m beyond excited to read The Summer of Chasing Mermaids and thrilled that the giveaway prize arrived so quickly. Also how cool is that seashell?

And all of that was just Monday! By comparison the rest of the week was not as exciting but I am loving this summer weather and finally being able to wear sandals and some of my newer dresses.

This week I read A Long, Long Sleep which was quite strange but I think has some niche appeal. I also read Lady Thief as I mentioned above which was one of the hardest books for me to read personally in a really long time. That said, I was able to look at it objectively and appreciate how far I’ve come because even a year ago I probably would have just not finished it and walked away no matter how invested I was in the series. (Thank you also SO MUCH to Kayla for helping me sort through my angst and stress and anxiety about the book in the middle of the night when I got to the awful part.) On Wednesday I also picked up The Scorpion Rules at last.

Oh! And in case you missed it from my photo inserts, I’m on Instagram now as missprint_ let’s be friends!

If you want to see how my month in reading is shaking out be sure to check out my June Reading Tracker.

How was your week?

One thought on “Week in Review: June 14 (with a #BoldlyBookish tour stop recap–sort of!)

  1. My cap for book event travels is 1500 miles ;) BUT YOU ARE AWESOME for getting my books signed and I’m so excited to see them all <3 And I will help with angst and stress any time!

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