Week in Review: May 10


This week on the blog you can check out:

This is the first Week in Review I haven’t had pre-scheduled for a while. It’s strange getting back to regular posting after Poetically Speaking BUT it was still a whole lot of fun and I’m so glad I had the opportunity.

This week was pretty good. I got to talk about some of my favorite NYC spots on Monday for Estelle’s BEA Part of It series.

On Tuesday I had a lot of interesting conversations about blog comments on twitter. That is a topic I find fascinating and always love to hear about. I am in the midst of re-evaluating what blogs I read and what twitter accounts to follow so that I can better engage and so it gave me a lot to think about.

Wednesday was my crazy day. I had a publisher preview with Algonquin, Bloomsbury and Chronicle in Times Square in the morning. That was a blast–I always love hearing about new books obviously and I saw lot of people I know as well which is always nice. The standout title from here was A History of Glitter and Blood which everyone in my place of employ now wants to read–so much so that I’m trying to hunt down an extra arc. I’m excited for that one personally and also for Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George which sounds excellent. Aside from that I also got the new Jackaby Beastly Bones (which I might end up reading because THAT COVER), House Arrest (verse novel with a male MC, what?), Because You’ll Never Meet Me (I am still unsure about this one but the publicist loved it so maybe I’ll try it), If You’re Lucky (after PPYA last year, I find I need a steady diet of mystery novels SO this one might fit the bill) and A Curious Tale of the In-Between (I had issues with Wither for very personal reasons but I love DeStefano on Twitter and I’m kind of excited about this one!).

(Thanks to extremely dumb luck I also have an arc in my possession of Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales and I am super excited about it!)

After the preview I was able to go home for lunch with my mom (best) and then headed to work for a few hours. That night I got to meet up with two of my closest friends from college. I’m horrible at keeping in touch but they always put up with me when I get it together every 6-12 months to schedule a dinner with them–I’m grateful they put up with me.

That night on my way home I saw this

and I just really need everyone to know about it. I am assuming it’s Toothless. He was also breathing fire which extended a good 8 feet or so but I couldn’t figure out how to photograph it compellingly.

On Friday I finally had an eye exam. After four years with the same pair I am so excited for new glasses that it’s not even funny.

This week I read Even in Paradise by Chelsey Philpot and Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George. Both are excellent!

Obviously this weekend is Mother’s Day so I’ll be spending some quality time with my mom and hoping everyone is having a chill Sunday.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: May 10

  1. OH! I ended up getting an ARC of Because You’ll Never Meet Me (apparently the book gods deemed it was a good mail day), so I’m really looking forward to seeing what we both think of it.

    I don’t know whether to be impressed by the Toothless or scared O_O

    I hope you had a great day with your mom!

  2. Sunday was great–hope yours was too!

    I’m still not sure about Toothless myself. Although my Crochet Club kids were quite impressed!

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