Black, White and Red Book Display

Last month’s Blind Date with a Book display was a stunning success. I have never had to restock a display so often. I have never gotten so much positive feedback.

Unfortunately even if I had wanted to keep the display going, the level of work involved was unsustainable. I plan to bring something similar back for Banned Books Week and also for Halloween (masked books anyone?!) and of course next Valentine’s Day. In the mean time I decided to keep things simple.

This simplicity also stems from the fact that someone walked out of the library with one of my Blind Date with a Book signs. No one knows when or how it was stolen but it is gone. That smaller display is also by a heating vent and too small to accommodate the foam core I use for my display table. Instead of trying to find a new piece of cardboard I decided to commandeer a plastic sign holder and just use that to hold the sign display since that part is always 8.5 by 11 anyway.

For March I wanted something simple and after tossing around some ideas on Twitter I decided I wanted to do a color based display.

Here’s what I came up with:

bwr1If you think too long about the display text, it’s going to fall apart because the “red” should really be “read” if we are going by the old joke. But I really wanted to have black and white and red books so I just went with it.

The backing for my big sign is construction paper which I randomly and luckily found while assembling pieces. The actual sign was made in PicMonkey as usual and I just printed out two copies.

Here’s the smaller display (When I took this picture it was still stocked with my last four blind date wrapped books which were white so it works!):

IMG_2033I’ll leave you all with a close up of my sign that details the giveaway option for the month as well.

IMG_2032What color displays have you made or seen in the library? Do you organize your shelves by color? Tell me everything in the comments!