Week in Review: February 15


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Before we enter the pity party portion of this post, let me talk about a blog related thing: After sticking with them for a few months, I think I’m going to discontinue my Re-Prints feature. Initially I was really excited about it but the reality of executing the posts has become difficult and tedious. I’m also not noticing a particularly big return on views/comments to justify the time spent. SO if you are a lurker and love that feature, speak now because otherwise it’s gone.

This is my second week being sick with a killer cold that has involved chills, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, aches, clogged ears and a nasty looking . . . something in my throat not to mention irritated eyes. Almost all of that is passing and more would if I could get a full night of sleep without coughing.

I just completely crashed. I have done almost nothing for two weeks that did not involve dragging myself out of bed or, when I was a little better, dragging myself to work. I’ve barely read. I have been sleeping on my commute to try and get some energy. I lost all taste for food. It’s been awful.

I tend to be a caregiver by nature so I really hated being brought so low by a cold. It also really stressed me out as I wondered if I had meningitis or pneumonia or strep throat or pink eye or dozens of other things. I’m definitely on the mend now (without aid of antibiotics) which leads me to think it was just a cold from hell. But gosh it was awful.

The past couple of times I’ve been sick were definitely from my immune system adjusting to working with the public. This time I think it was me working too hard. The past two weeks have been a very painful lesson that I need to take better care of myself and treat myself better in general.

(As part of that I’ve been strategically buying new clothes as an embarrassing number of things I own were purchased by me or for me in college or before–we’re talking eleven-year-old shirts. It’s absurd how much more comfortable the new clothes are and shocking that I didn’t think to replace some of these things before. I appall myself.)

How was your week?