Week in Review: February 1


This week on the blog you can check out:

Last Sunday I went to see Big Hero 6 with BFF Nicole which was absolutely delightful and even better than I had expected.

Work-wise I’ve weeded and re-ordered for the teen assignment section which took so, so long. I think the collection is going to be really great once the new items are processed but oh man it was a lot of work.

I have all of the post skeletons plotted out for my April series. Still need to tweak formatting and some scheduling but at least all the bones are there. I also did a lot of updates to my reading tracker in addition to adding a new category for them. If you want to see what I’ve read/requested/bought in January be sure to check that out.

After this I’m now on a strict book buying ban unless a once in a lifetime signing comes along NO BOOK PURCHASING.

I’ve been reading Soulprint this week and I’m enjoying it. But I also feel like I’ve been reading it forever which isn’t great. This is the third book in a row I have been slogging through feeling like everything was dragging which is really frustrating. Alas.

My constant efforts to comment on blogs more has been continuing. I enjoy engaging. But sometimes I forget to check back for follow up and sometimes I get no comments on anything which taken together lead to a very weird feeling that I am talking into a void. Do you ever have that happen?

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: February 1

  1. I love Big Hero 6 so much ^_^ Just saw it for the second time now that it’s at the discount theater, and I still loved it! Though I’ll admit that I still tear up in that last scene. Like a dagger to the heart…

    Book bans suck. It’ll be really good in the end, and once I get used to it I’m sure it won’t even be a second thought, but adjusting is going to take a while!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by it! I guessed some thing early on but not in an unsatisfying way for once. Still sad about a certain character *sobs* but I understand it was necessary to the origin story.

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