What’s Your Winner’s Curse? (My contribution to the Marie Rutkoski blog tour!)

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WinnersCurse BlogTour

The ‘Winner’s Curse’ is an economics term that means you’ve gotten what you wanted – but at too high a price.  What would you pay too much for?

In The Winner’s CurseKestrel pays far too much for Arin–a slave whose presence in her home forever changes both their lives. Even Kestrel herself can’t say for sure what prompted her to pay too much. That one choice–and its consequences–inform the entire book. The ramifications can even be felt far beyond in the sequel The Winner’s Crime.

I like to think of myself as a practical person. I tend to be optimistic but I think it’s also important to be pragmatic.

But even that has limits.

Something I’ve learned about myself repeatedly over the years is that I would pay any price for my family’s well-being and happiness. While I’ve never been in a position where it would help, I know already that I would give a lot–maybe even too much–if it might make things a little easier for someone I love.

I wouldn’t do this for many people but in some cases there isn’t even a choice. I’m not close to a lot of people but if a family member (and yes, that includes some of my closest friends) needed me I know I would be there and I know I’d try to help at any price.

There’s no way to know for sure since the series is not yet finished but I think that’s something both Kestrel and Arin would understand.

That’s me. What about you? What would you pay too much for?

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You can also find more about the series (including the game Bite and Sting) at: http://thewinnerstrilogy.com

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