Monday Memories: Blackfin Sky

Monday Memories is a weekly feature hosted by Miss Print and the Book Bandit. Monday Memories will be ending today on December 29 after which this weekly feature will no longer be active.


This week for Monday Memories I’m talking about Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis

Blackfin Sky by Kat Ellis

At first I wasn’t sure what book I should talk about for this last Monday Memories. But then I realized Blackfin Sky was the just right choice because I almost never read (or even heard of) this book.

I’m a member of the YALSA’s 2015 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults committee. Because of that I have been getting a not-insignificant number of books in the mail. Some are books that are not eligible or books I don’t need to read for my sub-lists. Some are books I’ve already read.

Then some of them are gems like this one.

It’s easy as a blogger (and librarian) to think you must be finding all of the books worth seeing. But aside from being physically impossible, that also misses the point sometimes. As a blogger and librarian reading can often feel like work. Because it is work. I read for professional development and collection development and to do my job better. I read so that I’ll have things to talk about on this blog.

But I also read because I love it.

There was something magical about this strange supernatural mystery landing in my hands and there is something magical about finding those just-right books.

Even if I won’t be sharing more memories here on Mondays, I hope everyone makes time for a little whimsy in their reading lives.

If you want to join the fun one last time, just add your link below.

2 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Blackfin Sky

  1. Thanks Miss. I hadn’t heard of this one at all, but I’m intrigued. It’s going on my to-read list and I’ll likely ask them to buy it for my library.

  2. ThNks for putting this on my radar! I’m sad I missed the Monday memories but I’m sure I’ll find some more the gems that come from your expertise!

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