Week in Review: December 21


This week on the blog you can check out:

This week I also took part in two special features as well.

You can head to Nicole’s blog where I’m talking about one of my most favorite books Fire and Hemlock and some gifts I’d give with it this holiday season.

You can also head to Sarah’s blog where I share some tips for hosting a cookie swap (and share a delicious and easy cookie recipe too!).

I’m also still giving away an arc of This Shattered World!

This week I felt a lot better which was a huge relief. (I also slept a lot better which I have no doubt was a big help!).

As I mentioned yesterday, this was an epic mail week for me. In addition to my swaps I got some new dresses, a phone charger, a couple of gifts for Nicole for her birthday and a couple of Christmas gifts for my mom. (I am so on top of gifts right now that it’s not even funny. In other words: I am a rock star.)

I also received this beauty which was a fun surprise!

I love the cover and I’ve been wanting to read a non-Throne-of-Glass book of Maas’ to see how I feel about it. (ToG I must admit was not a favorite.) Honestly, though, I am most excited about the mask. Because it’s awesome. And because mine is coincidentally made with my favorite colors. If anyone has a line on a masquerade party I can crash, let me know because I am ready now!

Also as you read this I will be getting ready to exchange Christmas gifts with Nicole! Yay!

How was your week?

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