2014 Swap Reveals: In which I receive many wonderful things.

This year I participated in three holiday-ish swaps so I decided to wait until now and do the big reveals all at once.

First I took part in the Giving Thanks Box Swap that I hosted with the ever-lovely Nicole. This was a direct swap so I sent gifts to the person who sent to me. Happily Yvonne liked her gifts as much as I adored mine :)

2014swap1I have wanted to read The Safe-Keeper’s Secret for years but it’s out of print and pretty hard to track down. I also got not one but THREE owl bookmarks, stationary, nail polish and a mix CD. Seriously, super thrilled.

My next two swaps came on the same day.

The first I opened was from the Secret Santa Book Exchange hosted by Meghann at Becoming Books. I already know that Julie was happy with her package (phew!) but I am not sure who sent mine along.

Whoever had me sent along a beautiful hardcover of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer which I am very excited to read.

2014swap2Which brings me to my last swap: The Broke and Bookish Secret Santa that Jamie put together. This swap was particularly fun because on the same day that I received my gifts I saw a lovely tweet from Magan from Rather Be Reading saying she had received my package and loved everything (I love when people love the gifts I give them!).

I knew who my TBTB Santa was as soon as I saw the box because this year my santa was a friend from Twitter!


After opening the box and the card inside, I knew my suspicions were correct and Gail from Ticket to Anywhere had sent me the lovely package.

2014tbtb2Before talking about anything else I have to tell you that I couldn’t fit the stocking FILLED WITH CANDY into this picture but know that Gail sent me a ton of delicious seasonal chocolate (and Dots!). As for what’s in the photo: I’ve been hearing tons of good things about Forget Me and now have a beautiful signed copy all my own. A signed copy of The Winner’s Curse complete with companion eyeshadow (which I love!). A lovely hardcover of Loop, which according to many bloggers I trust is a must read. Hello Kitty earbuds! A Hello Kitty bookmark that even my mom liked (she got to watch me opening this package and was stymied that I had to stop to photograph everything before opening it). Nail polish! An owl ornament! A novelty deck of cards from UnRequired Reading (I collect decks of cards.)!

Needless to say, I am feeling very lucky after receiving these beautiful gifts. Thank you again, so much, to my three gift senders!

5 thoughts on “2014 Swap Reveals: In which I receive many wonderful things.

  1. Hi Emma, I was your Secret Santa from Becoming Books. So glad you like the book. I had a hard time figuring out what you would like because your list of books seemed so infinite compared to mine. I noticed you hadn’t read that one as yet, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I forgot to put as a gift from Kayla @TheReviewCourt. Enjoy!

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