Week in Review: December 7


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This week was pretty silly in that I was barely at work. Monday was a pretty regular day. Tuesday afternoon I headed to Macmillan (in the Flatiron Building!) for a Librarians Preview of their Winter 2015 titles. Since I wear a blogger and a librarian hat, I was lucky enough to have read a couple of the books (The Winner’s Crime and The Ghosts of Heaven) already. It’s going to be a great season and I’m especially excited about a lot of their picture books which sound fantastic. It was interesting seeing some familiar faces (though most did not recognize me because I am a stealthy ninja that way) and ahead of the preview I also explored the Lego Store for a bit with my two supervisors. I’m not super into Legos but the store decor included a lot of super cool Lego sculptures including a huge model of the city blog with the Flatiron Building among others.


I’m also feeling pretty cool about being able to now say I’ve been in the Flatiron Building (it’s not quite as exciting on the inside and a lot of the rooms are very small but whatever). While at the preview through the wonders of Twitter I was also able to connect with Ksenia Winnicki–one of the great publicists at Macmillan who coordinates blogger outreach. It was really exciting to put a face to the name since we have been emailing a bit recently about blog tours coming up and the like.

On Wednesday I spent the morning in Long Island City at BookOps (meaning I was in three boroughs over the course of the day) to work with the Summer Reading Team. It’s all hush hush right now but the list for my system’s 2015 summer reading titles is on point. While I was there I also heard about the Morris Finalists which was exciting as it’s one award I do like to read for (I find it a little hard to keep up with others!).

Thursday I took a personal day to attend a My True Love Gave to Me signing with Nicole.

Friday, again, was a regular work day.

In between all of that I managed to finish my Christmas shopping (though I mail ordered so it is not all here as of yet) and also get some stuff to put aside for Nicole’s birthday and Mother’s day for my mom (I am the queen of discipline and will buy gifts for all holidays at once because I’m a boss). I still have to wrap a lot but I’m happy it’s done. I also finished shopping for holiday swaps and only have one left to mail.

Blog-wise I am working on Jamie’s end of year survey, my own 2014 top ten list and trying to catch on reviews as my reading has been outpacing my reviewing by a fair margin.

I am feeling a lot better now that we’re well past the year mark for my mom’s surgery. I don’t know if that’s something that will happen every year from now on but I’m really happy that I’m not feeling super anxious anymore or spending all of my time worrying about something else going wrong.

So that was my fairly good and fairly busy week. I hope yours was everything you needed it to be.

Who’s joining me for Monday Memories this week?