Week in Review: November 23


This week on the blog you can check out:

Well, hello Sunday. I fell off last week with my blogger productivity because I had things to do at home, including this:

But now decorating is done and I am working to remember that having a buffer of reviews doesn’t mean that my other posts will write themselves. This week I did get two guest post features done and wrote up several other things so it’s a start. I think once I get a Monday Memories buffer going my life will be a lot easier too!

Work this week saw me spending one day in three boroughs, getting followed by Bartleby the Scrivener on Twitter, having a couple of hellish commutes and ordering over $800 worth of books for the YA section. The ordering took the better part of three days but I’m finally over the panic and feeling like the collection is going to be better for it.

I’m reading These Broken Stars at the behest of Kayla and I’m enjoying it but it feels like it’s taking longer than it should to finish. I also am starting to follow a plan for my reading to rotate between Want to Read, Committee/Prof Review, Old TBR and Amazon Vine. It’s helping me keep the reading fresh because I can bounce between categories and not get bored.

So that’s my week in a nutshell. How was yours?

One thought on “Week in Review: November 23

  1. Love the tree! I have this thing where I refuse to decorate till the day after Thanksgiving, but I can guarantee you on Friday I’ll be taking out all the trees and lighting up the house ;)

    $800 of YA books… that’s a beautiful thing to picture O_O

    These Broken Stars does have it’s moments, but I agree that a few sections were too dull.

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