Week in Review: November 16


This week on the blog you can check out:

This post is actually being written on Tuesday and backdated to Sunday because the weekend got away from me even though I had three days off.

Friday I went to the UPS store, the post office and the pharmacy. I sold books at the Strand. I replaced our old cable modem and returned the old one to the Time Warner store. All while walking around in the cold with a giant suitcase of said books to sell.

Saturday I finished putting up Christmas decorations and going through all of our decorations to get them in order. Which was as exhausting as it sounds.

I also finished Blackfin Sky and Love and Other Perishable Items which were both unexpectedly delightful. I spent Sunday crashed out and Monday (since this is backdated :P) was kind of lousy. I keep forgetting that we’re nearing the year mark for Mom’s surgery and then I look at the calendar. Then I realize why I’m feeling lousy. I don’t know if it’s holdover stress or what exactly. I mean my mom is fine and I know that intellectually. She is actually better than she was an at point last year. Which I also know. Yet still, this shapeless anxiety keeps taking hold as I remember. It’s amazing how even when you get distance from a traumatic event, it can still be right there. It can still feel like yesterday.

I did not get this post or Monday Memories done but I promise I’m going to be better with that. See you all next week (for real).


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: November 16

  1. Sorry Monday sucked :/ I think it’s a Monday thing – it’s either a great day or an awful day.

    Although I do have to question this: why are Christmas decorations up??? That should not happen until the day after Thanksgiving!

    Hope you have a better week :) Or having, haha. Tuesday O_O

    1. In my family we are decorated BY Thanksgiving at the latest. My mom’s birthday is 26 days before Christmas and mine is 26 days after so we want them up before hers and down by mine. And it’s a multi-day process. Maybe I’ll post pics!

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