Week in Review: November 16


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This post is actually being written on Tuesday and backdated to Sunday because the weekend got away from me even though I had three days off.

Friday I went to the UPS store, the post office and the pharmacy. I sold books at the Strand. I replaced our old cable modem and returned the old one to the Time Warner store. All while walking around in the cold with a giant suitcase of said books to sell.

Saturday I finished putting up Christmas decorations and going through all of our decorations to get them in order. Which was as exhausting as it sounds.

I also finished Blackfin Sky and Love and Other Perishable Items which were both unexpectedly delightful. I spent Sunday crashed out and Monday (since this is backdated :P) was kind of lousy. I keep forgetting that we’re nearing the year mark for Mom’s surgery and then I look at the calendar. Then I realize why I’m feeling lousy. I don’t know if it’s holdover stress or what exactly. I mean my mom is fine and I know that intellectually. She is actually better than she was an at point last year. Which I also know. Yet still, this shapeless anxiety keeps taking hold as I remember. It’s amazing how even when you get distance from a traumatic event, it can still be right there. It can still feel like yesterday.

I did not get this post or Monday Memories done but I promise I’m going to be better with that. See you all next week (for real).