Week in Review: November 9


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This week I staved off a cold through sheer force of will and I’m finally starting to feel like a normal person.

On Monday after work I headed to the Plaza where I had a lovely dinner with Rachel Hartman (author of Seraphina) and Karyn–a librarian I have known since I was working as a shelving page. It’s one of those things that I’ve been filing under weird and wonderful things that have happened to me. It was a very, very long day but the dinner was great with good company and delicious food (ginger chicken tacos, dumplings and eggplant pizza from the Todd English Dining Hall).

Rachel is an author I befriended through Twitter and reaching out for an author interview. And Karyn and I keep in touch largely through Twitter as well. So anyone who says Twitter is useless is just a big fat liar. (This goes the larger idea that I didn’t really know what networking meant until I had already done it and parlayed it into blog experience and job applying but that’s a different story.) Anyway, it was a really, really cool thing. And because I am a hopeless fan sometimes I also now have my arcs of Seraphina and Shadow Scale signed.

Work-wise I have been preparing for Crochet Club which will either be fantastic or horrible. Time will tell. I also made new displays for November that I might blog about soon. A new librarian also started and told me this week that he has been following my blog. This is the first time since I have been blogging that I have met someone who reads my blog in real life so again a weird and wonderful thing. I have also been offering recommendations for BookMatch (virtual reader’s advisory) like nobody’s business.

I also am currently reading The Winner’s Crime thanks to a coworker who came through when I begged her to let me know if an ARC came in :) I’m enjoying it and remembering why I loved the first one with every page BUT things are dark, guys. We are talking seriously gritty in places.

Home-wise I am trying to (finally) finish a very small cross-stitch project. I also started sequining an ornament. Really, all I want to do is crochet things but I don’t have a need for more bookmarks. Also: Christmas decorating is imminent.

How was your week? Are you joining me for Monday Memories this week?


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