Week in Review: October 26


This week on the blog you can check out:

This was a pretty hectic week. BUT I made it through without getting sick for a three day weekend (I get a three day weekend after working a Saturday because I then have Friday as my non-Sunday day off). Which is awesome! The vitamin C, hand sanitizer and conscientious hand washing are working! (In fact the hand sanitizer might be working too much as it became so rote this week that it took me a moment to figure out I was picking up and opening my water bottle instead of my hand sanitizer. that ended with water all over my hand’s and over a co-worker’s chair. Oops.)

Monday I had a school visit with blissfully well-behaved fifth graders. I book-talked The Hero’s Guide to Saving The Kingdom by Christopher Healey. A Tale of Two Castles by Gail Carson Levine, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Princess Academy by Shannon Hale with moderate success (no one clamored for the books during the visit but several kids did want to look at them after the visit ended and they were free to browse.

Wednesday we had a farewell party for a coworker so I got lots of baked goods. I also did a presentation on Reader’s Advisory (the art of recommending books to people) which was well received and will soon be adapted into a blog post on here. Did I mention the sugar? There was lots of sugar!

And in totally unrelated things I won a big giveaway as part of the blog tour for The Darkest Minds. Yay!

As you read this I’ll be heading to the Met with my friend Kiki Couture who I haven’t seen in ages. Yay!

How was your week? Are you joining me for Monday Memories this week?


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