Week in Review: October 19


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This week was pretty good for me. I got a lot of mail (I love mail). I got a lot of good feedback on things at work (top BookMatcher, maker of exquisite “How to: Reader’s Advisory” handout). And I’ve been getting rid of a lot of books which are either being given away on my blog or twitter OR are going to the stash at work to give to teens. This is slightly embarrassing because I am giving away a lot of books from BEA without reading them (and I was really restrained this year about what I took!) but it also means I feel less guilt about requesting arcs from publishers.

And, since I’m already obnoxiously bragging: I am already scheduling blog posts for 2015 which means I get to pick up a shiny, new ARC to read soon. I do have to take a step back though from planning ahead because it’s a little dizzy making.

I also had a blast this week on the blog reviewing the entire Old Kingdom series (so far anyway). I love this books and reading Clariel before it published this week reminded me just how much I love this series and why. *heart*

This weekend is busy too (I’m writing this on Friday as I often pre-schedule these posts) with a book signing on Friday night with Nicole, work on Saturday, AND a bead show on Sunday with my mom and Nicole. Mom is starting to feel a lot better and is walking around more (and wanting to walk around more) so I am stoked for this bead show.

We’re nearing the year mark for Mom’s surgery (and past the year mark for my aunt’s death which was at the beginning of this month) and it’s been on both of our minds. But earlier this week she looked at me and she said that instead of thinking about it as the anniversary of her brain surgery we should think about it as the anniversary of when she lived and was okay. And I really like that idea.

I talk a lot on Twitter about trying to re-frame myself to be unflappable and positive. And it’s really hard, and often has few to no rewards, but it honestly helps. So I’m going to keep trying.

I’m also gearing up for Monday Memories which, if you have a blog or even if you don’t, I hope you’ll join!

How was your week?