Monday Memories: Sabriel

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Today for Monday Memories I’m talking about Sabriel by Garth Nix.


(Since I’m really excited about Clariel coming out this week I’m doing a week-long celebration of the Old Kingdom series here on the blog. I considered talking about Clariel today instead but it felt right to start at the beginning of this series.)

I first discovered this series years ago when I received the second book in the  series, Lirael, as a prize at a city storytelling festival. Soon after I went to my local library and borrowed Sabriel to read followed soon after by Lirael. This left me right on track to read Abhorsen near when it published along with the companion novella “Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case” which appears in the short story collection Across the Wall.

I love this series. Nix’s writing is evocative and thrilling in a way that was totally new and unexpected to me when I first read the series. While Sabriel’s story is incredibly entertaining, I surprisingly am even more fond of Lirael (who holds a special place in my heart as a fellow librarian of course).

I only recently bought the series for my personal library partly because of excitement over the release of Clariel and partly because I wanted to have the original trilogy with the cover art created by Leo and Diane Dillon since it’s what I remembered from when I read the books. Since Nix came to NYC for BEA last year, I also happily have an entire signed set of the series.

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