October Displays (for Halloween)

This week I put up two new displays in my library’s teen space for the month of October. I could have done an autumn theme but to me October really only means Halloween so I decided to go in that direction. I knew one display was going to be “The Talking Dead” because it’s one of my favorite plays on words and themes (as well as the subject of a thematic list on this blog).

The problem was that I also knew I wanted to do a new trivia display on our larger display table and I wasn’t sure how to frame that for Halloween. Luckily my awesomely creative co-worker Ingrid (AKA The Magpie Librarian) had a great idea. Instead of trying to encompass all of Halloween in one display, Ingrid proposed we do a vampire-themed trivia display. Her idea was finding pictures of well-known vampires from movies/TV/books (or book covers if pictures of the characters were unavailable) along with a quote from the character with a tagline reading “Who am I?”

The display is titled “Name that Vampire!” and also gives instructions on how to answer the questions and win a free book.

I once again made all of the display graphics using a combination of photos Ingrid and I found online along with swatches and text available in PicMonkey.

Here is the display I made for The Talking Dead:


Here’s a close up of the sign:


First a detail of how the display works:


And here is the a secondary display because we got carried away and made more trivia than the foam board could hold:


And here is the big Name that Vampire display in all of its spooky glory:


I’m also saving the images in case I want to do something similar next year (and because it took me hours to make them in PicMonkey and it seemed a shame to not keep the files). And obviously the displays are also well-stocked with spooky books.

What is your library doing for displays this month?

4 thoughts on “October Displays (for Halloween)

  1. Such a fun idea (well, ideas really)! I love that the Talking Dead display isn’t just Halloweeny horror books, but includes titles like Thirteen Reasons Why… so creative! And the vampire trivia looks great, too… perfect for all those teen girls who think they’re not into spooky stuff but love vampires :)


    • Thanks! My favorite books in the display are Drink, Slay, Love (my favorite) and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (Ingrid’s favorite). I think they have the best “unexpected” vampire quotes too.


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