Week in Review: September 28


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This week was fairly uneventful which was nice and much needed. This month has been kind of hard because it’s the year mark for when my aunt died last year so my mom and I have been feeling it. Her birthday also would have been October first and Halloween was her favorite holiday so a lot of it is just not happy making. We are also nearing the year mark for mom’s brain surgery which is hitting me harder than it probably should but I’ll get over it eventually. I feel whiny talking about all of this because of course I don’t have a corner on the loss market, but it’s just hard. And it’s hard to be unhappy and not really know why until you look at a calendar and remember what happened the year before. I’m kind of looking forward to being past October but maybe it will have some good things in store that can make new memories. Who knows?

Mom and I got a ton of mail but I love mail so that was fine by me. Nothing interesting enough to write about except I have an ARC of Soul Print by Megan Miranda now thanks to Bloomsbury Kids.

As you read this I will be getting ready to go to a book signing with Nicole the Book Bandit as we do. After not seeing her for ages, I am very pleased by this.

Work is going well. I’m getting ready to start a crochet club and I might be blogging about my first ever school visit soon. I want to make more time to do things outside of work but it’s a process.

I’m also gearing up for Monday Memories which, if you have a blog or even if you don’t, I hope you’ll join!

How was your week?