Week in Review: September 21


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THIS week on the blog you can check out:

In case you missed my pity party on Twitter, I was really sick this week and last week (along with all of my other online friends which, if you in the right mindset can make you really paranoid about germs spreading on the Internet). I got sick almost the moment I left work on Thursday night for a three day weekend and just started to feel better and person shaped on Thursday. I basically did nothing but sleep from Thursday through Monday of this week and the rest of this week has been triage to get through work and try to be a fully functioning human again. (Which I almost am now. FINALLY. And I think I even managed to not infect anyone else including coworkers and, more importantly, my mom.)

Which is all a long-winded way for me to say I was not up to making a Week in Review post last week.

This has been a pretty good object lesson about health being really important. I’m going to try to remember in future that I cannot let myself get so rundown. I am also, at Kayla’s advice, being more mindful of using hand sanitizer at work. I already washed my hands throughout the day but I’m hoping that in between will help. I know it’s just my immune system adjusting to working with the public (especially kids) again but I am so tired of being sick every month. I have literally been sick for every three day weekend I have had since I started this job.

In other news: I went to a back to school meeting for all the J and YA specialists in my library system this week. And my blog (along with several other excellent ones from coworkers) got a shoutout which was very flattering and nice.

I also think I mentioned that I am working as a team on a virtual reader advisory service at work now called BookMatch. I was one of the top book matchers this week. It was nice. It’s actually just nice in general to see at this new job that I have a lot of opportunities to grow and develop my skills and it’s even nicer to know that people are noticing.

Blog stuff got a little wonky with my Sickness of Death but that is getting back under control. I even have the answers for an author interview I am very (very, very, very) excited to share which had been lost in February (the author was on the road so it was hard to get in touch). And I am also in the very early stages of planning something that will hopefully be big(ish) in April.

My reading is completely out of control but mostly with books I want to read (for now). I’m currently reading a very coveted arc of Blue Lily, Lily Blue which I am alternating between wanting to savor and wanting to rush through to see what happens. After that I have My True Love Gave to Me on deck because I need the Christmas stories in my life stat. After that I shift gears to get back to some SLJ and committee work books.

Oh and I almost forgot! I got a bread machine! I got it for review from Amazon’s vine program and I am super excited to try it out. The machine is heavy and enormous but I have really high hopes. I’ve been wanting a bread machine for a couple of years so this is beyond amazing!

I’m also gearing up for Monday Memories which, if you have a blog or even if you don’t, I hope you’ll join!

How was your week?