Week in Review: September 7



This week on the blog you can check out:

**If you want to join in my weekly feature Monday Memories, it starts tomorrow. Nicole and I have been hashing this out for a while and we are VERY Excited!**

This week was a little frustrating for work things but I took some time to refocus and I’m feeling better now. I can only do what is in my control and I do that well. Everything else I am trying to remember to let roll off my back.

In non-work things the week was pretty good. Busy because I worked yesterday but good. I got a couple of postcards in the mail. I got letters from two friends. I also received some much awaited books.

From Amazon’s Vine program I received The Accidental Highwayman (reading now, very fun) and My True Love Gave to Me (no words for how excited I am!). From Scholastic I received a very long-awaited, very much wanted arc of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Then as a total surprise from Gail I received a beautiful hardcover of Something Real–thank you again Gail!

Nicole and I are planning our next synchronized reading which should be starting any day now (not sure when we’re posting–I’m scheduled so far ahead now that I have to really reorganize things). AND Monday Memories starts tomorrow. I’m so excited!


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: September 7

  1. I think I’ll be joining with Monday Memories tomorrow! I’ve just got to see if I can get a good picture and write up my post xD

    I totally resisted requesting Blue Lily, Lily Blue on NetGalley, just because I want my first read to be of it in a nice hardback copy :D But I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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