Week in Review

Week in Review: August 24



This week on the blog you can check out:

You can also enter my epic blog birthday giveaway all month!

(What to read after or instead of: The Fault in Our Stars was especially time-consuming so if you wanted to check it out, that’d be cool.)

Not much to report. I lost a day of my three day weekend to feeling sick but so it goes. No new books to report because I’m a boss with the discipline lately. And I’ve made it through all but two books I planned to read in August so I’m feeling rather smug.

I also made a comprehensive list of TFIOS read alikes. Maybe it’s of interest to you? I’m taking suggestions for my next list (in addition to planning to revise my Hunger Games and Twilight read-alike lists). ALSO do any of you have a better idea for how I can organize my book list index page? Let me know in the comments because I feel like there has to be a better way than the one I currently have.

This afternoon  I am going with Nicole to see If I Stay so expect more on that!


1 thought on “Week in Review: August 24”

  1. I hope you like If I Stay! I’m waiting on it for now, because I know I’ll cry forever and I don’t want to do that in public :P

    You ARE a boss with discipline; can I please have some? I totally broke my ban xD


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