Week in Review: August 17



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Happy to report that I am still not sick! I was a little bummed to be working two Saturdays in a row (last week and this week) but I’m feeling less mopey about it now. My mom is doing fine and we are hoping she won’t need to go to a doctor for a while which is good for her (she hates doctors) and me (I hate hospitals and doctor’s offices) and might also give me a chance to get to a dentist and eye doctor myself.

Last weekend my pre-ordered copy of Isla and the Happily Ever After came in so once I finished Bad Luck Girl (fantastic!) on SundayI was able to jump right into Isla’s story. I finished that on Thursday and also tried Salt & Storm while doing a very passive re-read of The Witch of Blackbird Pond. (I also got my Summer Box Swap which included a very much wanted paperback of The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti.) Unfortunately Salt & Storm did not live up to my unnaturally high expectations so I’m reading The Jewel now.

This weekend I started a new feature on the blog that is going to run on Saturdays called Miss Print’s Re-Prints. (Thank you again and again to Andi who helped me hash out a lot of the details including the feature name and frequency.) Miss Print turned seven(!) this week and I have a lot of reviews published on here. So if you want to see what I was reading and reviewing in 2007, you can follow these posts (I’ll move forward as the feature progresses of course).

Depending on frequency of posting in previous years there will be 1-4 posts every month (on Saturdays). It’s been nice re-visiting old reviews but it’s also been strange watching my younger self trying to hash out what I wanted this blog to be and also find my voice as a blogger. Looking back I’m still pretty happy with a lot of the decisions and changes I’ve made over the years. (If I had more time I would go back and review/update some of my post tags but it’s just too much work to do that.) At first I was going to “flash back” to all of my old posts but I found it made a lot more work and made me decidedly not want to do any re-prints because I’m not thrilled with who I was back then–I’m better now and prefer to focus on that better version of myself. So now that I’m only doing reviews I am feeling much better about it.

I’ve been posting a lot more and I’m feeling pretty good about the quality of content and the balance I have now between reviews and other stuff. I don’t always know how others feel (comments are like rare unicorns here) but my being happy is probably enough. I’m actually in a weird spot where I have soooooo many posts in the queue that I’m losing track of what’s posting when but it’s really not a bad problem to have.

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How was your week?