Summer Box Swap: Gift Reveal

Now that the Summer Box Swap is coming to a close, I wanted to do a quick write up to thank everyone for playing (and Nicole for co-hosting obviously).

My packaged arrived this week the day after my blog’s birthday from the lovely Andi at Andi’s ABCs. Andi and I know each other from Twitter and emails as well as meeting briefly at BEA this year so it was fun to receive a gift from an already-friend (that’s how matching goes sometimes!).

Here’s what Andi sent arranged as artfully as I could manage:

swap14The background is the really lovely and sparkly wrapping paper that everything was wrapped in!

Here’s a breakdown because I like bulleted lists:

  • Paperback of The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti (this is one of my favorite books and I had been sorely regretting not having a copy so this fills a book-shaped hole in my life)
  • Pink spiral notebook. The diamond pattern is made with sparkly silver parts.
  • Black and white striped nail decals (which I’m wearing right now)
  • Hello Kitty Keychain (can’t have enough keychains!)
  • Hello Kitty plush (in a kimono no less)
  • 80s Glam sharpies which I can’t wait to try
  • gold sparkly nail polish (not shown)
  • an anchor card with a note from Andi (of course because Andi loves anchors)
  • A plush unicorn!

I’m still trying to pick names for the unicorn. I think it’s a girl but I’m not sure. I was considering something French because she reminds me of my dragon Marcel but I don’t know. Any name suggestions welcome!

Thank you again for everything Andi!