Week in Review: August 10


This week on the blog you can check out:

You can also enter my epic blog birthday giveaway all month!

Guess what? I’m not sick! I know, I’m really excited too.

This week I did not buy any books but I did receive one that I won from Gail at Ticket to Anywhere. It is a beautiful paperback copy of The Night Circus by Ellen Morgenstern which I am super excited about.

I also am sorely tempted to buy this Pikachu plush who is becoming increasingly difficult to resist.

Summer Box Swap is also coming to a close with hopefully everyone’s packages either arrived or in the mail at this point.

I’m taking the month off from obligation reading and only picking up books I’m super excited about. I’m currently reading Bad Luck Girl which is the final book in one of my favorite trilogies ever. After that I think I’m picking up Salt & Storm. Maybe I’ll even re-read The With of Blackbird Pond.

I was stressing quite a bit on Friday but I feel infinitely better now. It’s amazing how much talking can help.