Top Ten Tuesday: Most Owned Authors

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Top Ten Most Owned Authors: This is pretty timely because Kayla posted something similar recently and I was getting ready to put something together myself.

  1. Gabrielle Zevin (a million Books): I actually have no idea how many but it’s multiple copies of everything because my interview with Gabrielle is in the paperbacks of Birthright books 1 and 2.
  2. Carolyn MacCullough (more than five): I have everything MacCullough has written except for Falling Through Darkness. Also I have several copies of her galley of Always a Witch because I’m quoted on the cover.
  3. Maggie Stiefvater (9 books): Thanks to BEA, judicious purchases and generous gifts from Nicole, I currently own everything Stiefvater has published. Given how much I love her books, this will likely continue and eventually pose a terrible problem for me and my shelves.
  4. Victoria Schwab (4 books): Everything Victoria has written except her middle grades and a number that is sure to only climb from here.
  5. Robin LaFevers (7 books): These are arcs so maybe they don’t count? But I have LaFevers’ entire Nathaniel Fludd series to date as well as her His Fair Assassin books.
  6. Garth Nix (5 books): For those of you keeping count that is everything Nix has written about the Old Kingdom to date. (OMG Clariel was so good. Someone else read it so we can talk!)
  7. Elizabeth Eulberg (5 books): I am in the dangerous habit of buying everything Eulberg writes which should probably stop for my shelves’ sake.
  8. Melina Marchetta (5 books): I haven’t read past Finnikin but I have her entire Lumatere Chronicles as well as Saving Francesca and the Piper’s Son which are two of my favorite books of all time. I sometimes regret not buying her other two books when I had the chance to get them signed but I’ll live.
  9. Sarah Beth Durst (4 books): Maybe four? I don’t know. I have Enchanted Ivy, Drink Slay Love, The Lost, Chasing Power and I think there might be another one floating around. (This is what happens when your bookshelves have no discernible organization.)
  10. Sarah Rees Brennan (5 books): This includes Sarah’s Demon series and Unspoken and Untold. Obviously it will increase when her next book comes out because duh.
  11. Maureen Johnson (4 books): This was higher until I decided I was so mad about The Madness Underneath that I decided I would not buy the rest of the series nor keep The Name of the Star. I still have the first two Scarlett books and The Last Little Blue Envelope.


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