Week in Review: July 27


This week on the blog you can check out:

This week I finished getting together items for my Summer Box Swap package that I need to mail. I also finalized my blog birthday giveaway packs and am getting some features ready to roll out after the big birthday :)

At work I suggested some new ideas for shelving in the YA space and the two of us have been power weeding the non-fiction. While it’s great to get a lot of gnarly books off the shelves it’s also sad to see some of the dated materials that slipped through previous weeding attempts. But whatever. The main takeaway is we are rockstars.

I also feel like I might be getting sick again and might I say it’s possibly the worst time for that to happen. I have a rattling/congested cough going and a sore throat which I think wants to become a cold. I’m drinking a big glass of orange juice every morning and taking zicam lozenges to hopefully knock this out and fast.

I’ve been reading a lot of mediocre books but I did some serious damage with my July Reading Challenge so there is that.





2 thoughts on “Week in Review: July 27

  1. Gahhh you need to stop getting sick woman! This just isn’t good O_O But I hope you feel better soon and it doesn’t get any worse :)

    That reminds me – I also need to mail out my package. Oops! I’ll see if I can get to the post office this week, haha


    1. Always happy to share reminders.

      I am feeling a bit better today (wrote up the week in review on Friday). I think it’s partly working with the public/kids again after being in an office for a while–weak immune system. Thanks.


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