Top Ten Tuesdays: TV Shows

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I watch a lot of TV but here are some of my current favorites:

  1. Big Brother–I’ve been watching this reality show since the first season and have no plans to stop now. I secretly dream of being on the show but I think I’d probably have a breakdown in the first week.
  2. Longmire–This is a great show about a small town sheriff and cool mysteries. Robert Taylor is fantastic as are supporting cast members Lou Diamond Phillips, Katee Sackoff and Bailey Chase. I can’t recommend it enough!
  3. Suits–while I hate seeing Mike and Harvey fight this season. I love this sleek lawyer show. Especially for Donna and Louis.
  4. Endeavor–This is a Masterpiece Mystery series about a young Inspector Morse. Set in the 1960s it’s a really thoughtful, well-done English mystery.
  5. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries–Australian mystery set in the 1920s based on a book series. This show is zany and fun but honestly it would be worth watching just for the clothes.
  6. Death in Paradise–Oh look, another British mystery. This one is set on the island of Saint Marie. I still haven’t recovered fully from Ben Miller leaving the show but it’s a lot of fun.
  7. Scott & Bailey–(Along with 4, 5, 6 this is another show I watch on PBS–I feel like I should donate to them.) This is a weird soap opera cop procedural that is oddly compelling and always ends abruptly so I feel like I can’t stop watching.
  8. Reckless–new lawyer show on CBS. It’s kind of like time traveling to 2000 because three of the stars are Cam Giganet, Adam Rodriguez and Shawn Hatosy.
  9. Major Crimes–I watch a lot of cop shows, okay? This is a cop show with heart and madness and a great ensemble cast. I would pick a favorite but I can’t even decide.
  10. Taxi Brooklyn–This show has a terrible title. But it’s actually a really good cop show (act shocked, go ahead!) about a woman cop whose license is revoked so she has to work with an immigrant taxi driver (who used to be a wheel man in a crime ring in France) to get around. Sounds insane but it’s kind of great.

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