Week in Review: July 13


This week on the blog you can check out:

Before I talk about my week, you can also see an essay thing I wrote about my mom’s brain surgery on Terra McVoy’s website as part of her release week content for In Deep. I love Terra and was really honored to be a part of this. It was pretty harrowing to write and gets me a little teary and upset when I read it. But I think it’s a pretty solid piece and might extend it into some kind of longer personal essay one day.

This was a really fast week right until Friday when it felt like I hit a wall. The day dragged. I had to run to a bank on my lunch hour but was sent to an ATM location first so I had to go to TWO banks basically and I just heard my building is “modernizing” our elevator which is well and good except we won’t have access to the laundry room in the basement for five full weeks. Also because my mom is disabled she won’t be able to go out. Like, what the heck? I’m just feeling really frustrated I guess.

I’m still reading Clariel as of this writing. It’s good but things took such an unexpected turn that I haven’t really been able to wrap my head around it and keep reading. In other blogging news I’m hoarding books for Summer Box Swap and sent out two sets of author interview questions to two of my favorite picture book authors so there is going to be a lot of fun content coming your way.

Nicole and I are hosting a box swap. Sign ups close July 19. It’s going to be awesome and you should sign up! Details: Summer Box Swap: Sign Ups and Info