Top Ten Tuesday: Blogging Confessions

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And now here are some secrets from my blogger self:

  1. I save arcs: Instead of buying new copies of books I read and loved I’ll often keep arcs and even bring them to an author signing. I know it’s not the best practice but I fell/hope blogging about the book helps balance out the fact that I don’t (can’t) buy all the books I want.
  2. I don’t re-read: It has to be a really, really, really good book for me to re-read it. The only time I actively re-read a series was Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief books as I prepared to read Book Four.
  3. Different covers don’t bother me: I like when books are packaged well and look similar but if it’s repackaged mid-series that’s okay too. My Megan Whalen Turner books all have different covers. Some are even discarded library copies. The horror!
  4. I’m a terrible commenter: This is my greatest shame as a blogger. I rarely read/comment on other posts. I’ve been trying to get better about that but it’s a constant struggle. (That said I love being a part of conversations so I love comments here and always try to comment on posts when I do sit down and read some!)
  5. I worked in a bookstore–and I hated it: This isn’t such a big secret for regular readers. BUT during a low point when I was underemployed I spent some time working at an indie bookstore. And it was awful. I loved the books part and the people part but the retail part sucked so bad.
  6. I have a really low tolerance for Middle Grades: I want to like middle grade books but I very often don’t. My willing suspension of disbelief always stretches thin and I find myself getting hyper-critical of books geared toward middle graders. So it has to be really exceptional for me to get into/through a middle grade. I also as a consequence am not the most well-read in this area.
  7. I skim: I skim if I don’t like a book. I skim if I like it so much I’m desperate to know what happens next. I skim if I have doubts about the ending. I have no compunction about peeking at the ending. Sometimes I have ruined a book twist for myself in this way but sometimes I’ve saved myself a lot of grief too.
  8. I don’t care about series: I will start series books no problem but just because I read the first one, I have no compunction walking away from the series. If I don’t love it, I’m not spending more time on it.
  9. I read backwards: If I’m not enjoying a book or want to motor through it, I will read it backwards. What that means is after reading the first 50-100 pages I’ll go back and read the last page. Then the last chapter. Then the second last chapter. Until it all makes sense.
  10. I collect hoard books: I own way too many read books for someone who doesn’t re-read (I also have about 100 unread books but that’s a different story). But I collect signed books as mementos. I have several copies and multiple editions of books I love for various reasons including the fact that I’m quoted in some. It’s silly but I think of them as reference materials. And I like having them nearby. Sometimes when I remember that I own a book I really, really love it just cheers me up. Does that happen to you?

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