Week in Review: June 15


This week on the blog you can check out:

This week has been really good. Work is going well. The only real problem is that my entire work are is essentially a reception black hole which is a bit annoying. I’ve motored through my review backlog and have posts scheduled through the end of August. I seem to be on pace with reading (I think, I hope!). I’m not allowing myself to buy any books until at least September because I really don’t need any after BEA and because I just need to stop buying all the books I want. This is posing a problem with Isla and the Happy Ever After but I’ll figure something out. (By which I mean I am pre-ordering Isla but then really buckling down.)

Not too much else to report. I’m trying to get back to my cross stitch project but it’s slow going which is part of why I stopped to begin with.

That’s the story. Hope your week was also copacetic.