Week in Review: May 25


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Between preparing to transition from Current Job to Shiny New Job this month has been crazy. I’ve been packing up all of my personal items from my desk and it’s looking rather bare and miserable now. Shiny New Job starts in June. And, of course, next week is BEA.

I am so ready for BEA guys. So ready. So excited. So many good books to find and so many fun things to do.

I am also slowly whittling away at books for professional review (1.5 left) and books for committee work (12 left) as well as books that I just want to read (234,234,234–kidding. There’s like ten in my immediate sight lines.)

I’ve also been continuing with my May Reading Challenge. I’m onto my seventh book (A Breath of Frost). It’s possible I might be able to finish that and squeeze in one more before BEA but that depends on how my weekend goes. I definitely won’t get to both Shift and The Space Between Trees next week but even reading 7 books in a month isn’t too bad. I’m happy with the results and I’ll be doing another challenge-shaped thing in June because I’ve liked seeing my progress as I go.

I actually managed to leave all if the remaining books in my May challenge at work. SO if I read another book before BEA it will either be TFIOS or Now & Forever. Or maybe Love and Other Foreign Words. I’m feeling indecisive!

How has your week been? Fellow BEA-goers: What books are you hoping to finish before the first day? Non-BEA goers: Any books you’re hoping to hammer out before the month is out?