Week in Review: April 27


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Where has April gone?! In the beginning when I was setting up posts, it seemed like April would last forever. But now I can hardly believe we’re almost done.

This week has been pretty chill. I’ve been in a bit of a book slump. I had to skim one book with an amputee because I couldn’t handle it. I read but didn’t enjoy a book for review (other people will, it just wasn’t my bag–that’s the thing about reviews. Sometimes the book just doesn’t work for everyone). Then I read a book that was pretty good but the mother was hospitalized and very sick and it hit a little close to home and made me cry quite a bit. (I don’t read to cry so that was not a thrill even though the book was good otherwise.)

The last book I loved without any qualifications was To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. I read an ARC and heard that the finished copy is expanded in places so maybe I’ll re-read that soon. (I NEVER re-read but I kind of want to know what changed and it’s such a perfect, happy book.)

Right now I’m reading my first Nova Ren Suma and enjoying it a lot. After that I’m taking a fantasy/mystery break to read Since You’ve Been Gone and Landline. I also have 3 more books for professional review along with about 20 books for committee work that I’m trying to not freak out over.

Anyway, that’s all the weekly news that’s fit to print from Miss Print.