In which I promote PostCrossing

Yesterday I reviewed one of my favorite 2014 titles, The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith.

It’s a really cute story with an emphasis on written correspondence.

Before starting the book I already was pen pals with my lovely friend Kaila. And I already knew about Post Crossing.

The book, however, inspired me to finally give it a try.

So is a site where users join, share their preferences for correspondence and some information (website, twitter) as well as their mailing address.

Then you request to send a card (this will either be international or to your own country–more often international, at least for me). You get a username and address as well as a code to write somewhere on the card. (In fact, here’s my profile so you can see what I mean (and recognize me if you join and we’re matched!

You also have the option to be open to “direct” swaps which are not registered through the site but allow users to message each other individually. I haven’t done this yet because I have other people I know that I can send to without PostCrossing’s help but it’s a nice feature.

Then you send the card and when it arrives the user on the other end registers it and might add a little note thanking you for the card.

Once that happens, you are eligible to receive a card from another random user.

On and on. Plus you can upload the image of the postcards and have a “virtual” record of the cards as well.

I’ve been having a blast with PostCrossing. I bought a bunch of postcards on sale online. I have international stamps which are about 1.15 a pop and can be used to mail anywhere. I keep my cards I get in a special box and have not one but two special stationary boxes.

It’s been great getting and sending cards. (It might be too much to hope for but I think it’s even improving my handwriting.)

Inspired by the site I also sent up an exchanged between myself and some online friends which was also fun.

Basically what I’m saying is go and mail a friend something. You won’t regret it.