Week in Review: April 13


This week on the blog you can check out:

I lost control of this month’s post schedules for a minute but I think it’s back under control now. *confetti*

I also spent all of Monday convinced it was Tuesday (only to face inevitable crushing disappointment when I realized my error). That’s set the tone for most of the week.

I’ve been very lazy and haven’t written anything but blog posts this month. I haven’t worked on my cross stitch or the afghan Mom gave me to finish because she found a better pattern to work on. I’ve just been a lump basically.

I read The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst this week because I was lucky enough to get a shiny arc and you will be hearing more about that next month.

Planning continues in an amorphous, non-planning way for BEA. In other words: I’m thinking about clothes to wear, purses to use, and I bought a phone charger.

I am slowly being buried alive by books despite keeping up a good clip of anywhere from one to four books a week. BUT I will prevail. (right?!)

How has your week been?

I’m reading a book with a firm obligation deadline next. But what should I read after? Pretty Girl 13 or Scat or The Body Finder?


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: April 13

  1. You bet I am! This is my fourth year and I am definitely hoping to meet Andi. There will definitely be pics and a recap post!


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