Week in Review: March 23


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In other news this week: I am on a reading tear–averaging a book every two days. There is no way this pace is sustainable but I’ll take it.

On Friday I also was lucky enough to go to a screening of Divergent with one of my work friends–which was especially nice because we got to be friendly instead of just co-workery (technical term). Before the movie I also got to see some friends from SLJ which was a nice bonus. The whole night was super fun! I’m going to write up a post about it (hopefully next week) but suffice to say I quite enjoyed the movie. So much so, in fact, that I might even read the rest of the series.

(Coming home from the screening I had a rather stunning social failure. I was returning to the building when a guy was coming in and held the door for me and he was being friendly asking what floor I was on and how long I’d lived in the building. He also introduced himself as Mike who lives on the fifth floor–where he has been for the last four years. But I am on a lower floor and it was only after I told him to have a good night that I realized I missed a fairly obvious chance to make an actual live neighbor friend. Alas! The failure–it stings.)

This week is also the NYC Teen Author Fest so on Saturday Nicole and I went to an event at McNally Jackson and as this publishes on Sunday I’ll be getting ready to go to the gigantic teen author signing at my previous place of employ. I’m most excited about this because I’ll finally be able to disperse the stack of books I had set aside in anticipation of the event weeks ago.

I’m trying to send postcards to people but have been thwarted in my efforts because it is quite difficult to get to the post office, as it turns out. Hopefully soon I can get international stamps (the post office vending machines unhelpfully ask what country you need the stamps for while not offering “all” as an option).