Peevish About the Pevensies

I recently learned something about the conclusion of the Chronicles of Narnia. If you have not yet learned this thing, it is a spoiler. Look away. Read a different post.

I again post you to this thing I read:

I again remind everyone that THREE of the four Pevensies die. IN A TRAIN CRASH.

Aside from the massive “what the hell?” factor I’ve been thinking about a couple of other things.

First, I started contemplating the nature of dead characters. The Pevensies aren’t the first characters to be killed off. Or the last. Maybe not even the most famous or the most popular. It happens all the time. And I hate it. Partly this stems from why I read: escapism. I don’t read to be miserable or cry many tears. Sometimes those things happen but they are not the intent. Even when there is no other choice, I often find myself wondering “Was this the only way?” In a lot of cases it is not. And then I get angry. Sometimes I even boycott authors (like Phillip Pullman) entirely. Other, rarer, times I will conclude that there was no other choice and in those moments I will tip my imaginary hat to the book and the author because they did things right.

Secondly the Pevensie Incident, as it shall henceforth be known, raises a lot of questions about spoilers and public consciousness. I’ve seen a few versions of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (which pre-Pevensie Incident I actually enjoyed!). I am 85% sure I read the book and at least one other Narnia novel.

But I had no idea about the Pevensie Incident. It didn’t even occur to me. No one gave me pointed looks when we talked about it. No one ever warned me or cackled evilly (Nicole is reading Divergent soon. I cackled. A lot. I’m not proud.)

Anyway that lead to the question: Did everyone know already and just assume I did too? Or is it rather that no one knows and we all just move blindly together wishing that The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe were actually a stand alone?

Has the Pevensie Incident, as a massive spoiler, become sacrosanct–something we all must learn on our own? Compared to other recent spoilers and dramatic plot reveals, where does this one train wreck (literal and figurative connotation intended) stand? What say you, dear readers?


One thought on “Peevish About the Pevensies

  1. Firstly thanks so much for directing me to this blog about Susan, it was so empowering and moving. And thanks too for reminding me about the end of the Narnia series. I loved the books as a child, and some of them – The Horse And His Boy for example – are books I still reread now, and inspire what I write now. But I always HATED The Last Battle, because it is far too blatant about its religion. I didn’t notice the religious subtext to the other stories when I was a child (though it’s hard to miss them now) but even the 10-year-old me could see the heavy-handed messages in The Last Battle. And because of that, I don’t include it in my own personal relationship with the Pevensies, and with the other Narnia characters who are so real to me. It doesn’t feel like a Narnia book, it feels like a religious text. So, for this reader, in my Narnia, the Pevensie Incident never happened.


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