Top Ten Tuesday: 2014 Goals

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Since I’m awake at 2:50 in the morning it seemed like a good time to share some goals in a poorly formatted post written on my iPhone Polly.

1. Read books I already own: I have to get rid of some more books and I am at a point where a lot are here because I’m not sure I’ll be able to find them in a library. They must be read. I also am hoping to do some fun giveaways once I figure out what books are going. So watch for that!
2. Comment: I’m getting better at commenting on other blogs and hope to continue to be even better. I would love to have actual conversations on my blog and feel like joining other conversations is the first step.
3. More posts: I like talking about non-book things like feminism. Sometimes I share fun links. I want to do that more. Next up to write: an insightful post about the Pevensies. Seriously.
4. Back list: I want to read some older titles and get back to reading at least one classic/non fiction title a year (maybe a season). I really prefer ya fiction to adult so I won’t make any statements on reading more adult books.
5. Diversity: more books with more diverse characters.
6. Create an epic review buffer. I’m going to be on a book list committee for YALSA starting next month and I’m not sure yet how that is going to impact my personal reading and reviewing so I want as much of a buffer of posts on here as possible so I don’t have huge gaps if something comes up.
7. More interviews: I miss interviewing authors and want to get back to doing so more often.
8. More reviews: I like talking about picture books and easy readers so if I can find the time (ha) I might try posting more reviews of that sort.
9. Blog maintenance: my publisher tag system is a mess with imprints and stuff. I probably won’t but it’s a nice idea to say I’ll go back and fix it. I could also figure out how to fix my index pages so you can jump to a specific letter as it was intended. But, again, unlikely.
10. Last one is a goal for me and not the blog: I want to write more. Fiction. Poetry. Insightful posts. I just want more of that in my life. I also want to start querying again and make time to be serious about this. It’s time. Since I am awake at 2am partly from having numerous ideas perhaps I am on the right track?
11. I’ve been feeling zen lately and want to hold onto that. No more chips on my shoulder. No more being annoyed. I am at peace. Mostly.
12. I’ll make this a round dozen by adding that I once again plan to blog every day in April. This year with some of my poems, verse novel reviews. Maybe an interview. And some regular posts.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: 2014 Goals

  1. Congrats on being a part of a YALSA Book List Committee! That will be loads of fun!

    “No more chips on my shoulder.” I like that. I need to find my zen and hang on for dear life!


    1. Thanks Lisa! I find focusing on the positive (or even just a negative space approach to things that are Not Horrible) is a good start!

  2. I love your goals! I also want to write, read and post more. Life just gets so busy sometimes that it’s hard to keep up, especially when we put so much pressure on ourselves. But I’m so excited for you being a part of the YALSA Book List Committee! How did you get selected to be involved in that? :)

    1. Thank you! If you email me at miss_print AT yahoo DOT com I’d be happy to talk more about the process.

  3. I hope you have fun on the YALSA committee! I’ve heard they can be a bit time consuming, but you’ll be fine. I need more diversity in my posts as well. I get a ton of reviews posted, but not as many other posts, unless participating in memes and challenges. Great goals this year!

    My Top Ten Goals

  4. What a lovely list! As for specific items, I think you’ve been great at commenting recently – I noticed a difference! And of course, reading books already on the shelf is a blogger-wide (maybe reader-wide) problem. I am excited to change a few things in 2014, and I hope we both meet our goals!

    Also, CONGRATS on being on a committee! That’s wonderful. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Cecelia! If only I could comment better on my phone then this wouldn’t even have been a resolution!

  5. I’m planning on doing #1 as well, at least the giveaway part. There are so many new books coming out this year that I need to make room on my shelves! The hardest part is being honest with myself and deciding if I truly need to keep a book or if it was good for one read and then I’ll never read it again.

  6. Your first goal: “Read books I already own” sounds just like me. Sometimes I think I buy books faster than I can read them. This year I’m moving, so reading and giveaway will really help with packing (I live up three flights of stairs lol).

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