Top Ten Tuesday: 2014 Goals

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Since I’m awake at 2:50 in the morning it seemed like a good time to share some goals in a poorly formatted post written on my iPhone Polly.

1. Read books I already own: I have to get rid of some more books and I am at a point where a lot are here because I’m not sure I’ll be able to find them in a library. They must be read. I also am hoping to do some fun giveaways once I figure out what books are going. So watch for that!
2. Comment: I’m getting better at commenting on other blogs and hope to continue to be even better. I would love to have actual conversations on my blog and feel like joining other conversations is the first step.
3. More posts: I like talking about non-book things like feminism. Sometimes I share fun links. I want to do that more. Next up to write: an insightful post about the Pevensies. Seriously.
4. Back list: I want to read some older titles and get back to reading at least one classic/non fiction title a year (maybe a season). I really prefer ya fiction to adult so I won’t make any statements on reading more adult books.
5. Diversity: more books with more diverse characters.
6. Create an epic review buffer. I’m going to be on a book list committee for YALSA starting next month and I’m not sure yet how that is going to impact my personal reading and reviewing so I want as much of a buffer of posts on here as possible so I don’t have huge gaps if something comes up.
7. More interviews: I miss interviewing authors and want to get back to doing so more often.
8. More reviews: I like talking about picture books and easy readers so if I can find the time (ha) I might try posting more reviews of that sort.
9. Blog maintenance: my publisher tag system is a mess with imprints and stuff. I probably won’t but it’s a nice idea to say I’ll go back and fix it. I could also figure out how to fix my index pages so you can jump to a specific letter as it was intended. But, again, unlikely.
10. Last one is a goal for me and not the blog: I want to write more. Fiction. Poetry. Insightful posts. I just want more of that in my life. I also want to start querying again and make time to be serious about this. It’s time. Since I am awake at 2am partly from having numerous ideas perhaps I am on the right track?
11. I’ve been feeling zen lately and want to hold onto that. No more chips on my shoulder. No more being annoyed. I am at peace. Mostly.
12. I’ll make this a round dozen by adding that I once again plan to blog every day in April. This year with some of my poems, verse novel reviews. Maybe an interview. And some regular posts.

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