Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge 15: Favorite book to movie adaption(s)

My blogger/twitter friends Andi and Amanda are hosting a blogger challenge this winter and I’m participating so for the next few days you can admire their lovely challenge graphic and follow along with my posts:

Favorite book to movie adaption(s)

Like every blogger you’ll meet, I’m picky about book-to-movie adaptations. That said, I really loved the movie Eragon. The book isn’t the best and in retrospect maybe the movie wasn’t either. But I loved it! Dragons! Drama! Action! Dragons! Jeremy Irons! Rachel Weisz! Dragons! It was great even if it was wildly unlike the book and not quite enough to convince me to read more of the series.

After that there are the more obvious suspects: The Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, Silver Linings Playbook and so on. BUT for movies I liked more than the book there is only one answer and that answer is Eragon.

Eragon cover

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