Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge 13: My Life outside of Books

My blogger/twitter friends Andi and Amanda are hosting a blogger challenge this winter and I’m participating so for the next few days you can admire their lovely challenge graphic and follow along with my posts:

Pic of your Life Outside of Books

Hmmm. I couldn’t pick just one picture so here is a mini photo essay from photos out of my twitter feed:

I have too many handbags. But I like them all. My feet are size  ten (wide!) so my mom’s theory is I buy bags because I can’t buy shoes. Also: I like prints. Polka dots, plaids, stripes, checks, florals. Any print. So a lot of my bags are prints like the ones above or Vera Bradley or Kipling designs. My mom painted plaids and other patterns for her work as a textile artist when I was little so that’s one  theory for why.

I paint my nails regularly (and take pictures of them to show people on Twitter). I also like wearing rings and Hello Kitty–sometimes at the same time.

I’m very good at that carnival game where you use a water gun to shoot at a target and get a stuffed animal to reach the top of the board or whatever. Case in point: that time I won a giant cupcake at the San Gennaro feast.

I love ice cream and whipped cream (or milkshakes, or smoothies, or pudding!) any time of year. Sometimes I’ll go awhile without eating any and them I’ll just be forced to re-evaluate all of my life choices because why did I stop? Also: bonus points for novelty dessert bowl/mug please?

I wear a lot of boots in the winter. These are my newest favorite pair because they are red and roomy.

Sometimes I cook things like Fried Eggplant. Sometimes those things are delicious. Sometimes they are not.

Sometimes I make things out of paper like this flower ball. Sometimes I make other things but not as often.

I have a lot of random toys and knick knacks that make me happy (and a 6.5 foot Christmas tree that is but one of my many decorations I put up every year). This little guy is Marcel. He is hoping to be a dragon soon. Mom said he looked like a fish. He’s taking that in stride.

Want to follow along with the challenge? All of my entries can be found linked on this post.