Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge 12: New Year’s Day!

My blogger/twitter friends Andi and Amanda are hosting a blogger challenge this winter and I’m participating so for the next few days you can admire their lovely challenge graphic and follow along with my posts:

New Year’s Reading Resolutions Goals – IE the number of books you plan to read, a certain daunting book(s) you want to tackle, rereads planned

  • My to read goal is a moving target (mainly because I count picture books) but I generally start small at 100 books which I have again for 2014.
  • I am, however, on a YALSA book committee–not sure if I can say which yet?–so I think my reading count will end up being higher.
  • I would like to get to a lot of weightier (literally) books I’ve been putting off like Froi of the Exiles and Life After Life.
  • I also want to finish out some series I’ve started including Clockwork Princess (from the Infernal Devices) and Linger and Forever.
  • Since starting Shiny New Job I have been acquiring books from the office at an alarming rate (and giving some away but not as many nor as alarming) so my big, big, big 2014 bookish goal is actually to get rid of books. I want to read a lot of the books I have on hand and, hopefully, the thought of parting with them will not make me feel terrible and I can release some with bookcrossing, swap some at booksfreeswap, give some away here and bring some to work. Right now I have two tote bags of books to read, a stack of books to read, and a bookcase of . . . you guessed it . . . books to read! My goal which I will probably not meet is to get rid of 50% of those books before BEA 2014 (at which point I will acquire other books that can take up those spaces because this is the life I have chosen).
  • Then in non-book goals I want to continue blogging semi-regularly because I find I am enjoying that clip. I want to continue growing professionally (maybe into a full time job?!). And I am going to try to start writing using Victoria Schwab’s progress and reward system (basically using stickers on a calendar to mark progress daily). I already have my calendar and star and OWL stickers so I’m ready. I just need to pick a daily goal. Since I haven’t written for a few months I’m thinking I want to start small maybe 500 words a day when I sit down and aiming for 3 days a week at first? What do you think?
  • And, of course, I hope me and mine (and you and yours!) can stay happy and healthy moving forward in this shiny new year.

Want to follow along with the challenge? All of my entries can be found linked on this post.