In which I sign up for a Blogger Challenge

My blogger/twitter friends Andi and Amanda are hosting a blogger challenge this winter.

Sign ups are open for the 16 Blogging Days of Winter challenge until December 20. Details here:

Also: Cool graphics that Andi and Amanda put together for the event:

And a listing of the challenges:

12/21: Favorite Books Set in Wintertime
12/22: Pic of TBR (pile, next book, plan of next reads)
12/23: Pic of Current Read
12/24: Were you a good blogger this year? Tell us (and Santa) Top 5 books on your wish list
12/25: Favorite Holiday Read (doesn’t have to be a holiday book, just one that you read around the holidays that makes you feel good)
12/26: Favorite Bookish Quotes (something you read about reading, a quote for a book, something funny)
12/27: Favorite Book Family/Friendship
12/28: Pic of of things that represent books, ie bread for Peeta/The Hunger Games, Owl for Harry Potter, etc. Be creative, try to make us guess!
12/29: Look Back – Favorite Reads/Reviews/Posts of the last year
12/30: Look Back – Did you meet any goals set for yourself?
12/31: Which book character would you like to spend NYE with?
1/1: New Year’s Reading Resolutions Goals – IE the number of books you plan to read, a certain daunting book(s) you want to tackle, rereads planned
1/2: Pic of your Life Outside of Books
1/3: Find a Bookish item that you would like to buy (decoration, clothes, jewelry, etc)
1/4: Favorite book to movie adaption(s)
1/5: Books you are looking forward to reading in 2014

Anyway, if you’re a blogger it looks like a good time. If you aren’t, you can live vicariously through my as I’m hoping to participate daily.