Mom update

Not up to a long post but I did want to thank everyone who kept me and my mom in their thoughts the past few days.

She was in surgery for a really long time but the neurosurgeon says it couldn’t have gone better and he thinks he got everything out (and definitely got the pressure she had on her optic nerves).

I saw her in ICU today which was a lot harder for me to handle than I expected. I can already tell recovery is going to be a bitch but I guess that’s to be expected with brain surgery.

I might post more later but for now I feel completely wrung out.

I have also been updating my twitter because it somehow helps me deal if for some reason you want more extensive updates.

But seriously thank you to everyone who has reached out to me or left a comment or sifted thought my late night texts when I desperately need someone to talk to. It all means more than I can eloquently say.

One thought on “Mom update

  1. I haven’t been around, and it’s so hard for me to keep up, but I was very glad to see this post saying how well your mom’s surgery went. You can’t expect not to be completely drained right now, but it looks like things will start getting better, even if it’s tough and slow-going. You never know. Things can turn out better than they seem right now :)


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